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5 Services for Free Design Website – Which One the Best?

Free Design Website, this offer is too good to be true right? but in practice, they’re a lot of services that offer you a free design website, using the template of course. If you want to get this design for free, I will show you some websites worth check, with their pros and cons of course.

Famous is a company that has arguably failed — twice. But its most recent incarnation may have succeeded in solving one of the most vexing problems in marketing today: how to bridge the user-experience gap between the mobile web and apps. Not only giving free design website, but it also integrates seamlessly with mobile

Famous is run by Steve Newcomb, the founding COO of semantic search engine Powerset, which sold to Microsoft in 2008. Newcomb’s open-source engineering platform original vision for didn’t work out, so has applied its technology to a very different set of problems.

The company developed a proprietary rendering engine (and has received a patent) that enables web pages to look and function like full-screen native apps, but without a download and very light data requirements. The company is initially pitching Instant Apps as a better mobile landing page solution for search, social, and display. But the use cases go far beyond that landing-page scenario.

Instant Apps are highly visual and versatile. They can be shallow or very deep. They are able to deliver immersive video, product demos, e-commerce and a range of other rich user experiences. They can also operate on and adapt to any screen size, from smartphones to giant wall monitors.

Most users are resistant to downloading new apps, and they abandon non-performing apps quickly. Instant Apps offers an answer to this problem for a majority of mobile marketing use cases: it provides an app-like user experience that is tied to a URL and can be delivered anywhere online.

Who needs this service?

SMB who interact mostly on Digital platform, this one platform give you 2 service that works simultaneously, native web and (web)apps

Canva, not only gives you Free Design Website, but it’s also extremely easy to design for all your needs, from digital posters, banners, social media feeds, cover and so on.

Although you can use Canva as a simple free photo editor, it’s mostly intended for transforming simple snaps into something else – like a poster, invitation, logo, or social media post – making it a little more like desktop publishing software. 

Canva is specializing in static social media design. But it’s also possible to enrich your web design images. For the banner, slider or so on. The downside is, you need to know some web developing software to make your website going live

More or less, is better suited for you that knows a bit about web development but has no idea designing. Let canva give you an initial idea, and the rest follows

Who needs these services?

A web developer who knows a little bit about web designing. Not for a total newbie. But the apps are good for social media post design offers a free design website with some prebuilt themes you can choose. offers everything you need to build an online presence, from domain name to website editor and email addresses. With hundreds of templates to choose from, an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, pre-formatted layouts, powerful built-in widgets, and fully-integrated 3rd party applications, you can easily build a personal or business website in a few clicks. also takes the standard website building features and brings them to the new level – free domain name registration for the lifetime of your subscription, free Connect your domain and free A/B Testing with Google Analytics. has certainly found itself a place in the league with some of the big-name players.

This platform is good for newbies on web design and development. It has easy to use editor, not as easy as drag and drop tho, but the learning curves are not too steep, easy, and beginner-friendly. This editor also supports third-party integration like skype, google services, and so on. have 24/7 online support and a free Domain for every package purchase.

But, you need to consider it before buying any of its packages. You Can’t change theme once selected, didn’t have built-in image editor, and very limited template customization.

Who needs these services?

A business owner who wants a simple website for their business without any deep functionality on it. And don’t mind about the design

Webflow also give you a free design website, but in contracy is definately not for beginner like their competitors or divi. A bit odd but, webflow is a web builder that built only for web designer.

When you open its editor, a designer will feel familiar to its interface, because it looks so similar to the one and only Adobe Photoshop. And just like Photoshop, there are many design options to choose from. While web designers will feel like kids in a candy shop, regular folk may well be intimidated.

There’s a lot to take in, and even with the onboarding tutorial, it isn’t immediately obvious how to do a lot of things. As Webflow itself explains, though, it’s best to think of your website as a series of boxes.

The Box Model’, as Webflow calls it, is the process of creating a box for every element of your site and overlaying them on top of one another. Image boxes, text boxes, and button boxes all add up to form the layout of your site.

Thinking of your website in this way makes it easier to visualize what you want, but the editing can still be tricky. If you’re new to website building, we’d recommend setting aside a couple of hours to get to grips with Webflow before you start creating your website.

Who needs these services?

A web designer that doesn’t know how to code. And have the willingness to pay USD 12 monthly to make it online. Not so sexy

Yola is an online website builder that mainly targets small business users who want a code-free, drag-and-drop way to create professional-looking commercial websites. The name comes from the Hindi word for hatch—as in “hatch a plan.” Yola does provide an easy way to hatch your site, but it’s also loaded with tools for those who want to dig into the DIY website creation process. The company has modernized its site-building interface since my last review of the service, but it’s still not nearly as slick as some of the competition, especially when it comes to mobile sites and blog publishing. Yola’s free sites are very limited, too. Wix offers a better deal and more customizability for people looking to build cost-free sites.

As with just about every easy site-builder around, you start creating your Yola site by choosing a template. The initial selection is for free accounts, with only nine choices, but they’re modern and good-looking. There are dozens of options that you can switch to after you start editing your site, though many of them require a paid account. You can preview a prebuilt site using the template, but you don’t get a mobile emulator view as you do with some other builders.

After selecting a template, you give the site a name and select a category, such as Artist/Photographer, Building & Construction, Food & Restaurants, or Travel & Hotel. There are 18 choices, including Personal, so it’s not only for businesses.

Who needs these services?

An Artis who want to showcase their portfolio online, and searching better pricing than six or Squarespace. but it’s very bad for blogging, since Yola didn’t give you this service on it’s free plan


There are so many services online that can give you a free design website. And all of them can give you good web design, most of them look professional too. But like you all aware, if you get something free, so you are the product. They will always offer you something else in conjunction with their free offer, most of them are web builder or hosting service. So, is a FREE tag on their offer is worth for your business’s digital asset? the answer is yours

If you consider to self host your website for better security and more creativity freedom and unlimited customization for a cheap price just tell us!

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