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5 Site to Making Website FREE – But Not Totally

FREE, who didn’t love that words? FREE WEBSITE is even more fascinating. But in reality they aren’t, there some limitation on how much you can get with FREE plan, some are great enough, some are MEH!. This article will helps you choose one of these providers, who are better giving you FREEBIES.

Wix give you something legit. You can making your website even without spending any cent or for FREE. They let your website stay online eventhough you didnt upgraded it. Too generous right? That’s why it’s on top of our list.

1. Easy Drag and Drop functionality
2. Wide range of template
3. Manjority of features available on FREE Plan
4. Ultimate Customiation
1. Free domain plan looks like this : Not catchy at all
2. Ads everywhere on FREE Plan. Make your site looks less professional
3. Can't change your template once it's goes online

Wix provide you with a wide range of ready to use templates, tons of tools and widget to enrich your site and also powerful customization. You can do almost anything on this site builder, you name it.

The only downside, they cant give you your domain name on FREE plan and also there A LOT of ads on your FREE site. Not beautiful isn’t it?

But, if you willing to upgrade your website to look more professional it’s not cost you much tho. Premium Plan start from $13/month and your website is ready to go!


Making your business website for free with Weebly, it has similar drag and drop features like Wix, extremely user friendly, combine it with its great SEO Tools. There a lot of room to scale your business using this site builder

1. Reasonable free plan domain name,
2. Extremely easy to use
3. Good SEO Prompts. Good for business that want to rank on Google
1. Very limited features on FREE Plan
2. There not as much creative wisdom just like Wix
3. Pop Up Ads in the corner of your site is quite distracting

Eventhough this site builder didn’t give you much creative freedom just like Wix, but it’s drag and drop features help you a lot on customizing your website. this site builder even guarantee your website looks clean and neat. combine it with splendid SEO tools, make this sitebuilder is the most efficient site builder for business owner that aim to rank at Google to sell as soon as possible

Weebly is particularly neat when you sign up to Pro Plan. With only $12/month It’s give you unlimited storage and remove ads.

Immediate drawback on Site123 site builder is, it’s did’t provide you with some choice of free templates. Instead, you can still making your website with choosing from 11 different categories for free.

1. No adverds visible when you first land on the site
2. Brilliant Support. 24/7 very dedicated
3. Site123 choose the templates for you, which is good for non-creative person
1. Free Domain ends with '.me' instead of stronger '.com'
2. Very little creative freedom
3. limited choice of templates, which look very old fashioned compared to it's competitors

This site builder give you less ads distraction on its free plan (which is good), eventhough there are not so many option to customize your site. Maybe looks a little boring but perfect for non-creative person who wants to start their company website as easy as possible (only 3 steps). is perfect for blogging. It’s provide you with extensive tools for blogging, analytics, SEO, search features, comments and display categories. making your blogging website free of confusion

1. Perfect for Blogging
2. Best domain name format of any free plan
3. Wide range of FREE templates
1. Some coding maybe required, not so newbie friendly
2. Templates and design is focusing (hard) on blogging has all the power of it’s siblings but with super simplified website building tools. You might still finds it’s kinda tricky to use if you didn’t have some technical skills. But, most of the time you didn’t need to know about coding for simple blogging website

Interested in premium plan? the price start from $12/month


Strikingly make simple one page website with little hassle. Strikingly focus is to getting you online cheaply, easily and quickly. Because of this, you didn’t ha ve that much control on creative freedom like it’s competitor such as Wix and Weebly.

1. Subtle advertising on FREE Plan
2. 24/7 Support from their "happines officer" via live chat
3. Ability to sell one product even on FREE plan
1. FREE Plan don't includes an SSL Certificate
2. You can make ONLY one page website
3. Very limited option to edit your templates

Strikingly creates one-page websites with a pre-formed design of your choice. Unlike many other free website builders, you can change your template as many times as you wish once your site is live.

It’s advertising, is the most subtle placement compared to it’s competitors, but the downside is it’s didn’t include an SSL certificate on FREE plan. If you looking for easy one page website setup you can get it’s premium plan just for $8/month


Making your website free is too good to be true. Until now, there are no website providers that will give as you wants with FREE plan. But most of these provider’s service it’s good enough if you don’t mind all of their CONS.

Why not hire a Pro to create your website for affordable price? instead to pay $8-15/ month you can only pay start from $45/year for beautiful website. Ask me how

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