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How Much Web Design Prices (The Official 2020 Guide)

Last updated on May 9, 2020

Nowadays, with the increasing site to make your website for a FREE, web designer, and also its (future) client confused to decide the best Web Design Prices for their business. Some say its Around $1000, $5000, $10.000 but on another hand, some say it is just as cheap as $45. How is that possible? well on this article you will learn how we as Web Designer calculate the cost for your Website

Hosting and Domain

Indicator number one that affects Web Design Prices is how much the price for your Hosting (the server that stores your website data) and Domain (your website address). There a lot of web hosting and domain providers, just like Bluehost, Hostgator, Niagahoster (Indonesian’s Favorite), etc. And they offer different pricing for their services, start from as cheap as $12 per year to about $125 per year

Web Builder and or CMS

These days, a website is not only built on top of pure code like HTML, JSS, PHP or any other programming language, the website is also possible to built on top of Web builder website just like Wix or Squarespace and managed on top of Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or Weebly. Web Design Prices is highly affected by these web builder / CMS provider. For example, a Wix website cost you about $156 a year, Squarespace cost about $144 annually, WordPress cost $48 versus pure code that cost you $0. – But with WordPress, you will get so much help to kickstart – There’s a gap between services, what’s the best for you? ask the expert, so you didn’t need to spend too much money on your website project.

See my recommendation for Top 5 Sitebuilder in the market

Additional Functionality

Website are different, they have their own beauty, and their beauty isn’t built on something “Free”. Web Design Prices may vary depends on its functionality, if your website is a personal blog you need SEO Optimization tools implemented on your website. If its a company profile, maybe you need Chat Features, etc. These additional quality tools most of the time is not free, their price tag on them. So be aware of your needs, don’t ask too much for something that non-essential for your company. For example, a simple chat feature from Freshdesk can cost you about $180 per year and a simple Yoast SEO can cost you around $89 – or Try this cheaper SEO Tracker – yet there is also a popular page builder that makes you possible to create a beautiful website like Elementor and Divi on top of WordPress that cost about $49 ~ $89 a year. Even a simple beautiful template could cost you $50 (lifetime)

Data Security

Since Facebook and Indonesia’s Ecommerce data leak incident, Data security is also an important feature to add to your website. Most of the time, this security problem is solved as long you order your hosting and domain either on Website Builder provider or Legal CMS Providers, but if you consider building your website based on pure Code, you need to put extra effort to choose which security provider is best for your website. Simple SSL for your domain cost about $8 and website security could cost about $16 Per Month. As long your website didn’t store personal data, you didn’t need to spend any penny for web security since your webmaster will always backup your website data for the time being


Maintenance is somewhat crucial for your website, the activity such as site health checkup, spam checking and deleting, site backup, and malware removal needs to be done regularly, at least once per week. Web Design Prices also includes these service and of course cost you monthly based on webmaster offering

So, How Much it’s Actually Cost?

In the end, it’s up to your request or your web developer’s needs. For example, a simple Personal Blog with ability to easy posting, responsive and SEO ready tools cost you about :

1. Hosting $12 (mandatory)
2. Domain $9 (mandatory)
3. CMS $48 (most of the cases is free, based on your Hosting providers)
4. Elementor Web Builder $49 (they’re also a FREE option with GREAT Limitation)
5. Yoast SEO $89 (they’re also a FREE option with some limitation)
6. SSL Certificate $8
7. Maintenance FREE

TOTAL : $29 ~ $215
for a simple website with SEO functionality without Web Design Fee

Is there a cheaper option? the answer is YES but with some consideration, you need to design it yourself and maybe some limit to your website optimization. So, built your website mindfully, according to your needs not more or less.

Don’t spend to much money to create exactly same website, ask the Pro

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