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Start Website FREE – 7 Steps to Create Website

Last updated on May 10, 2020

To start website free In 2020 is very simple, anyone can build and design a website without knowing anything about web development, design, or coding.

Whether you want to create a website for yourself or for your business, you can easily do that by using the right tools and resources.

This step-by-step guide will help you create a website from scratch without having to spend money for freelancers, agencies, or website builders.

All you need is 1-2 hours of your free time to complete the guide and set up a website.

But, if you didn’t have that much time and want a website stress free, you can try some service at Fiverr. Most of it only cost $45 for a website

Things you need in order to build a website

Domain name (your custom web address,
Website hosting (service that hosts your website)
WordPress (free, commonly used website platform)

To build a fully functional website, either paid or start website free, you’ll need to secure a domain name (web address) and a web hosting account. These two make sure that your website is fully accessible to others. Without one or another, you will be unable to set up a website.

Once you have a domain and hosting, you can create a WordPress website. WordPress is the most popular website building platform that is being used by 30% of all the websites on the Internet.

Setting up a WordPress site is usually a simple, one-click process through your web hosting service.

Once you’ve finished the guide, you’ll have a fully working website online, on a custom domain name, and fully accessible by others.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Step #1: Choose a Domain Name


In order to build a website, the very first thing you’ll need is a domain name.

The domain name is your website name and address. That address is used by visitors when they try to find your site through their web browsers.

This website’s domain name is Yours can be anything. Domain names can cost anywhere from $10 to $50 a year. The usual price tag is around $15.

If you haven’t registered or chosen a domain name for your website, here are some tips to help you out:

  • If you’re making a website for a business, your domain name should match your company name. For example:
  • If you’re planning to set up a personal website for yourself then can be a great option.
  • Use a “generic” domain name extension such as or .org if your goal is international visitors. Use a “local” domain name extension such as, or .ru if your goal is country-targeted visitors.

Don’t worry if your preferred domain name is already taken. There are more than 300 million different domain names registered, but there are a billion other possibilities that are still available.

If you don’t have a domain name yet, there’s no need to register one.

Unfortunately, if you choose to start website free, you can’t choose domain as you likes, most of it use it’s respective providers domain

Step #2: Get Web Hosting and Register Domain


In addition to having a domain name, you’ll also need website hosting (web hosting).

Web hosting is a service that hosts and stores your website files (content) on a secure server that is always up and running. Without a web host, your site will not be accessible for others to read and browse.

Affordable and reliable web hosting for new websites costs usually between $3 to $10 a month. Less than a cup of coffee, but an important investment for your website success.

Whichever web hosting company you sign up with, make sure it has the following features:

  • FREE domain name with SSL (for security)
  • One-click-install for WordPress (free)
  • Custom email accounts
  • Unlimited or unmetered bandwidth (no traffic limitations)
  • Customer support, preferably 24/7 live chat
  • cPanel Support

If you find a website hosting that offers all of the things above, you’ve likely found a good provider.

We recommend using for web hosting and domains. They offer free domain registration for the first year and getting a domain name and hosting from the same company saves you some time and money.

Bluehost hosting plans start from $3.95/month and offer all the essential features for setting up a website.

for start website free, there a ton of choice, check these 5 sites to start your website free

Step #3: Set Up WordPress Website (Through Web Host)


Once you have your domain name and web hosting ready to go, you’ll need to choose and install a website building platform (also known as CMS).

We recommend choosing WordPress since it’s easy to use and comes with thousands of free designs and add-ons that make your website look professional and unique. If you choose to start website free, try to adapt on their repository builder. Most of the time is hard but worth a try!

Setting up your WordPress website is easy, and your web host mostly does it for you, so you don’t really have to get your hands too dirty.

If you don’t use Bluehost as a web hosting, don’t worry. Many web hosting providers have “WordPress install” located somewhere in the hosting cPanel.

Step #4: Customize Your Website Design and Structure

decorating your website START WEBSITE FREE

With your bare website alive and kicking, it’s now time to make it feel more like your own by picking a nice design, customizing it, and adding branding elements.

Step #5: Add Content/Pages to Your Website

add content / page on your website START WEBSITE FREE

Pages are the essence of your website. It’s hard to imagine a website without any pages on it, right? even start website free need this as essentials

From a technical point of view, a web page is just a document on the web. It’s not very different from your traditional Word document apart from it having your website’s branding elements such as the header and footer.

Web pages are easy to create in WordPress. But before we get into the how-to, let’s discuss what pages you should create in the first place.

Most websites will find the following pages essential:

  • Homepage – it’s the first page that your visitors see when they go to your website
  • About page – a page explaining what your website is about
  • Contact page – a page letting visitors contact you
  • Blog page – a listing of your most recent blog posts; if you’re not planning on blogging, you can use the blog page as a place for your company news and announcements
  • Services page – if the website you’re building is for a business, use this page to showcase your services
  • Shop page – for companies that want to launch an eCommerce store

Many of the pages above will be very similar in structure – the only difference being the content on the actual page. Basically, once you learn how to create one page, you’ll know how to create them all. 

Last but not least – keep improving your website!

Congrats, you’ve just figured out how to start website free and create a website all on your own!

If you interested to create better website without hassle you can try

If you completed our guide successfully, consider leaving your testimonial on the comment section below, thank you

fully responsive and customizable business website START WEBSITE FREE
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