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Web Design Development Company VS Freelancers – Endless Battle Without a Winner

Last updated on May 11, 2020

Let’s say you are the brand or product owner who already struggles in the offline market, and tries your luck on the digital world. The first thing that you want to focus on is always, professional social media, and a Website. With those little budget, you are struggling to choose which is better, web design development company or a freelancer

Ideally, you will hire someone from a professional company that has strong portfolio and past works hoping the job done perfectly, but on the other side there some freelancers that offering exactly the same service but far cheaper. There the beginning of the never-ending debate, which is better, web design development company or a freelancer

here why you should choose freelancer over web dev company 

What is Web Development (Really) Do?

Website development is not like Social media management, where we only care about its looks. Website development at least needs to focus on 2 things, Front End Back End.

web design development company

Front End is all about visuals, the things that look good. It’s important because these visuals give an impression of your company. In another hand, back end handles some nasty work like coding, server, and so on. Your customer and you (probably) will never see how it’s looks, but backend works make your website looks seamless and neatly runs without any error.

Freelance Development

Wrong choices are often made only due to a lack of a clear understanding of the question. This is why a detailed review of the pros and cons of cooperation with freelancers and IT development companies would be of great help for you. A freelancer is a person that works independently for any hiring company (or companies). All of the client’s tasks, in this case, are performed remotely. In fact, a freelancer works from home and gets his payment as a fee for a certain service. So different from web design development company right?

Talking about cooperation with freelancers, the most important thing is, of course, making sure that a person you are interested in is a reliable professional. There are 2 main factors you need to pay attention to:

  • Nice Portfolio
    The freelancing world is a hard world, these things make freelancer build their portfolio carefully, even some of them have a high-quality portfolio. Pro tips: always ask for your company related portfolio from them, don’t too fast to decided before you see these portfolios
  • Recommendation from Past Client
    This is important, because most of the freelancer work on their own, so personal attitude is highly impacted their performance. Who knows their attitude the best? yes, their former hire. The best freelancer is always highly recommended by others
web design development company
wePhoto by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Freelance Development : Pros and Cons

  • Low pricing
    The price freelancers charge is definitely lower than those suggested by the website design development companies. Actually, it is the main advantage of cooperation with freelancers.
  • Narrow-focused expertise
    As freelancers work independently, each of them is able to offer you only the specific skills. If you need a project that differs drastically from those that are described in a freelancer’s portfolio, some risks appear.
  • Flexible schedule
    A freelance person usually works whenever required. The flexibility of a schedule is a nice advantage if a client and a developer are situated in different time zones.

On the other hand, there are always some cons.

  • Risks
    Freelancers are independent. They can personally decide which projects to work on, and the number of these projects at once can be huge. You never know when a freelancer can decide to say  “Goodbye”. Or just leave without saying anything at all. That’s is why you need some dedicated freelancer that have their own self managed personal space or works best at freelancing service
  • A little “tricky” to manage
    You cannot fully control their work and make sure that an employee works on your tasks at the moment. Also, freelance developers may have problems with organization and time-management. So, the best is to choose the workers who can work your web efficiently. Nowadays, most web designer using any sort of CMS and Pagebuilder to speed up their works
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Even though nowadays the market is full of dedicated freelancer platforms, it is still hard to find a real professional. Of course, you can save money by hiring a freelancer but there always the risk. That’s why it’s important to hire a true professionals.

web design company Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash
Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

Web Design Development Company

Web design development company is a company that specializes in building a beautiful website with its dedicated team. It doesn’t like freelancers, they work as a team, with different people in charge of both front and back end works. That’s why web design development company tends to works as a full stack developer, who doesn’t use any third-party service like CMS or Pagebuilder.

Web Design Development Company : Pros and Cons

  • Best for long-term cooperation
    Companies are interested in providing a full cycle of high-quality services over the long term. From the consulting to the technical support of the project – you can rely on your partner in everything.
  • A full team of professionals
    Working with freelancers you can hire a single person at once only. And if the further need appears, you just need to look for someone else again and again. But the development company gives you a whole team of highly skilled in different fields professionals.
  • Fully managed project
    Cooperation with the company allows you to feel the simplicity of communication with experienced project managers and a lot of team behind them. You mostly feel safer with them
  • Stability
    Each company is a legal business entity. They are ready to provide you with the list of documents you would want to take a look at to make sure they are reliable partners.
  • Support questions
    Web development company would support your website, fix bugs, and take care of its updates, So, not only the development but all of the further problems are taken care of. But in other hands, they are also freelancers that work for the term too, you just need to reach them

It’s all cames with cons TOO PRICEY, Most of the time it’s you 10 – 20x price compared to freelance works. So, be careful with your budget


In the end, everything is up to the clients. If you are a small business owner who has only a little budget to shifting from offline to Online, the answer is always freelancers. But, if you are an established company or brand, a web design development company is always a better choice. Either is good with their own risk at hand

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  1. You’ve really well covered the pros and cons of both options: hiring a freelancer or Web Design Development Company. So … think about it and choose wisely.
    Great article! Thank you

  2. Tough decisions to make for the business Owner. Hopefully your post will shed some light on the subject for them.

    I would personally go for the freelance option.

    • Good choice LJ, Freelance is a good choice if you have a very limited budget. As you know to have success building a brand online website is not enough, there other things like social media and ads. You can mitigate the cost to those subjects

  3. I really enjoyed your post. A very informative and precise post. Thank you for some excellent information. Keep posting quality content.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi Lintang. Thank you for sharing this informative article.

    I have a bad experience with a freelancer. Yes, it is so much cheaper compare to Web design development company. But then to me to pay a cheaper price to a freelancer is no different from throwing the money into the drain. Unless as you mention, get a freelancer who is recommended by someone.

    For those who really can’t afford to get a Web design developement company and doesn’t want to risk with the freelancer, learn to build the website yourself is another solution if you really can’t find a trusted freelancer.

    This is what I did. My website that I build myself is so much better than the freelancer work! But got to prepare the amount of time and effort put in to learn to build it yourself.

    • same here, if e only need some simple blogpost or profile we can build it ourselves. But if we need additional functionality, we need to learn more and most of the time waste so much time

  5. Hi, thank you for these tips, I find them to be very helpful.

    No matter freelancer or web design company, always look at their portfolio to see what kind of output you can expect from working with them.

  6. Chris Chris

    Some good points here! I always opt for freelancers though, I’ve found development companies too expensive for me 🙁

    • Thank you for dropping by. Yes, the key is to choose the best freelancer for your projects. When you found one, keep it.

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